Tampa Bay Buccaneers

He developed a close relationship with Big Ben as the quarterback’s relationship with Haley deterioriated.

On Monday, the day after the remarkable 61-yard play that resulted in a five-point victory over the New Orleans Saints and a trip to the NFC Championship Game, the team filed for three trademarks to the phrase Minneapolis Miracle and one to Minnesota Miracle.

The filings showed up Friday in electronic records published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The Vikings seek to own the monikers on more than 100 items, including football helmets, watches, golf bags, bowling bags, bathing suits and parkas.

The team is selling a T-shirt with Minneapolis Miracle 1-14-18. Diggs, with T-shirt seller Represent, began selling an NFLPA-licensed shirt with his image and the words Minneapolis Miracle on Wednesday.

When Championship Sunday kicks off Jan. 21, you’re going to notice one familiar face and three party crashers. Of the four teams left, the Patriots are the only team that has won a Super Bowl. The Jaguars have never even been to the Super Bowl, while the Eagles (0-2) and Vikings (0-4) are winless in their six combined trips.

After destroying the Titans 35-14 on Saturday, the Patriots will now be playing in the AFC title game for the seventh straight season.

Fichtner started with the Steelers in 2007, arriving in Pittsburgh with Mike Tomlin. He has been the quarterbacks coach for the past eight years. He never has been an offensive coordinator in the NFL, but he was the offensive coordinator at Arkansas State University (1997-2000) and Memphis (2001-06).

Last month, La Canfora reported that Roethlisberger asked Tomlin to allowed Fichtner to leave the coaching booth for the sideline to serve as a buffer between him and Haley:

Sources said Roethlisberger approached head coach Mike Tomlin about a month ago and requested to have a buffer between him and Haley on the sidelines, another set of eyes and a sounding board he could turn to.

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